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Comfy Clothing Over Fancy Clothing

As much as I love to dress up and look fancy, I much rather wear comfy clothing any day! If you are wearing fancier clothing, you also have to make sure your hair looks just as nice as your outfit. There is a lot that goes into dressing up and looking nice every single day and it can become very tiring. Even the shoes that you have to wear with fancy clothing can be the one reason you decide you rather wear comfy clothing every day instead.  It’s not like i’m taking a long island limo out for the day roaming around New York, otherwise that would be different.. I’d get all dressed up!

I love fancy clothing but a lot of it is not as loose fitting as my comfy clothes and even the materials of the fancy clothes are not as soft and can make it quite uncomfortable to be wearing after so much time. This is especially true if you wear fancy clothes every day. I do not know if it is just me, but after a certain point of wearing fancy clothing every day, you start to become very tired of doing it and just do not care anymore. It is almost like having a second job but with having to put a nice outfit together and then the process of putting it on! It is much easier to throw some sweatpants and a t-shirt on with a pair of slip on shoes.


How Clothing Changed Our Lives

Clothing plays a big role in our everyday lives and does for everyone in this world that we live in. You see people wearing clothing in so many different ways, different styles, different uniforms, and some people even add their own personal touch to some of their outfits to make them stand out and pop. Not only does clothing cover our bodies and keep us warm, but it says a lot about the person that you are and can sometimes show some qualities about you that you may have.

In the world that we live in, everyone is judging you and some of the clothing you wear has to be accepted for certain special events, jobs, or even schools. The clothing you decide to wear can make a huge impression on something, especially if that someone is going to be a future boss of yours that is interviewing you for a job.  Especially if that job interview is for a high level sales job or meeting someone from the mlm industry.  Dressing for success truly matters here.  It’s about the image you represent!

We love to express ourselves through the different kinds clothing we wear and we know that many other people in this world enjoy to as well. 


Dressing Well To Get A Good Job

We truly believe that dressing well and the clothes you choose to wear to a job interview will help you get the job. Not everyone believes this and we know this because we have all seen and heard about people showing up in attire that is not appropriate or fitting for the job they are being interviewed for. It is so simple to understand and do that it confuses us that people fail to see or believe that their choices in clothes will help to alter the decision in them getting a job or not.

Dress Presentably

Whether the job be something small like working in fast food or even something big like working in a business office, wearing clothing that is presentable and fancy will help you get a job no matter where you are applying at. First impressions and what you are wearing are vital and will always be in helping you land the job you want! No matter the job, hiring managers like to see someone show up in clothing that represents how their work ethic would look, too.